Communication Tools for the Community

i just started watching the SNGLS DAO Project Calls and there you discussed the Communication Tools for the SNGLS DAO.

I like telegram. When I look how i am. If i have an idea which is not thought out i want to quickly discuss the idea and when i figure out through this quick telegram conversation that my idea is nice then i go do the forum to post my idea there in more details.

Thats why i think both platforms are important. Telegram to quickly discuss and the forum to discuss it deeper. so i can spam telegram but the forum is not for spamming.

What i think is that discord is not necessary because discord tires to combine a forum and a chat into one system, but I think have those system separated make much more sense.

I think it would be important to have also two different Telegram groups. One for the speculators and investors and the other for the SNGLS DAO Members

We made the decision to only use Discord and Discourse. Telegram is a cesspool, we used to use it and then we decided it just wasn’t worth it. It also comes down to a bandwidth issue. Discord works fine for us.

With that being said, anyone is welcome to run a telegram but there will be no official Telegram.

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