Connection between Breaker and SNGLS DAO

What is the connection between Breaker and SNGLS DAO?

Breaker is a DApp that interacts with the SNGLS protocol. It also has connections to the legacy monetary world so if creators want to take fiat currency they can use Breaker and go through the KYC/AML processes. Breaker uses a protocol that is governed by the snglsDAO.

If you look at the WEB3 tech stack, Breaker is a layer 3, while snglsDAO is layer 2:

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So Breaker is its own for profit company which build on SingularDTV but doesn’t share any profits with SingularDTV / snglsDAO / SNGLS Holders?

Why is Breaker good for SingularDTV?

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Business to utilize it. Possibly

Breaker is good for snglsDAO/SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol because it brings traffic to the protocol along with a valuable service of allowing artists to transact in fiat through credit cards.