DAO Questions around specifics

Hey everyone,

We are noodling down the specifics for the DAO, some of these questions have already been answered internally, but if anyone has opinions we would like to hear them now. We are going to be launching a testnet version on Wednesday 25th.

  1. Which voting mechanism will work in your organization?

  2. On the basis of what will the organization calculate the strength of the participant’s vote?

  3. Are you going to use the components already deployed in the network for DAO, or will you deploy your own?

  4. What global restrictions will be placed on users of the organization? Will there be a limit on the maximum amount of funds disbursed as a grant? Is there a limit on the frequency of grants?

  5. Will there be any restrictions on the regulation of fees for actions on the platform?

  6. What will be the difference between the possibilities of users who paid a membership fee, from those who did not?

  7. What functionality will the application for using DAO have? Is it possible to integrate the DAO interface with Breaker?