Project Call 20 discussion thread (snglsDAO NAME CHANGE)

I like the vaporwave aesthetic it is nice, but i don’t think the long term brand should rely on it. or i mean the name itself shouldn’t be vaporwave so that the brand can evolve with time.

I like the idea of inviting a larger community in designing a name change contest, i think jack makes some great points as to why.
-gives a ramp to the larger community to adapt to the change in name as a gradual process
-Dual purpose marketing, opportunity to market the DAO and draw new users.

As far as the name, i think something with mass appeal would be nice. If this is going to be the backbone to many different services I hope we can find something that can have appeal across cultures and gender types of services, etc.

Thanks for starting this!

Looking forward to the discussion.

Yes - props we needed this.

Can you give a general concept of a brand you think appeals to the masses?

Troy was thinking of prometheusDAO which I think is dope but hard to spell. contentDAO or creatorDAO is easier to remember but generic.

I am more asking for feedback before I add a bunch of ideas as I don’t want to cloud or hijack the conversation.

Not to plug another project, but I really like the branding of LBRY. It’s downside is at first it is very boring and quiet associations, but in a larger sense the idea of a library is such an open container for knowledge, goes far beyond just fun or entertainment. I like the idea of prometheusDAO but kinda second that it’s hard to spell, and it also doesn’t really indicate what the project is about (without reading an article). In the sense that the DAO itself won’t really be a front end for content though i’m not sure we need to worry about having a super catchy name, or in the long run people will find out about the DAO through other front ends, and will likely be looked into in a more researched manner.

What would it take to create a contest around this, and what else could we incorporate into the contest? I think so far the community, even tokenholders have had very little to latch onto as far as participation. If we would actually like to build a community around this DAO i think this is an awesome place to start, but what are additional steps we can take, and how can we ensure that those steps lead to increased participation, and not just steps to no where which is how it has kinda felt so far. No offense to those working hard on this, i’m just trying to vocalize what i see and feel here as someone trying to participate.

You nailed it! dopeDAO

Prometheus DAO looks and sounds not friendly not clearly not understandable and obviously boaring. Instead LBRY is modern fresh actual and more accepted by new generation

well lbry is taken i was just using it as an example

as you all know! I have been quite vocal about such an “unimaginative” branding. Breaker in contrast is nice brand. I propose that SNGLS and the associated branding get replaced with Breaker.

I propose that SNGLS and the associated branding get replaced with Breaker.

Im not for this and it really confuses the legal set up of everything. Breaker needs to be seen and understood as it’s own entity, and the DAO needs to be understood as it’s own entity and initiative. Breaker is the high content portal and we need separate names for people to understand the ecosystem.

SNGLS aren’t going anywhere we just need a new name for the DAO.

So far my favorite name is “David DAOie”

Why David? What’s the association’s?

I just like it, not saying it makes any sense to use it.

I agree that it’s probably not the most inviting and most people won’t know what it means.

I honestly I kind of think something like MediaDAO works the best because it gets to the point of what is going on with our system. It controls a Media Distribution Protocol. When the next influx of users come into WEB3 it will give content people a direct thing to latch onto immediately and we won’t have to explain anything.

What do people think of dentDAO?

dent = decentralized entertainment

Kind of like how Decentralized Finance is DeFi

MediaDAO suits the best for the case. Short informative and good sound.
Dent Dao not good koz of negative word meaning.

…but it does kind of play into Breaker in some way no?

… in some way. Also associated with word dental and some scam crypto project with same name

DENTDAO Reminds me of Dentacoin.

I think mediaDAO is dope because it’s super easy to understand but it also makes you think it’s media like CNN and Fox News. But since that could all be something included long term maybe that isn’t a bad thing.

So far the best option is MediaDAO but I guess my question is - are we comfortable with that? Is it really the best or are we settling?

good point

It’s the long term thinking I’m most concerned with.