Project Call 20 discussion thread (snglsDAO NAME CHANGE)

MediaDAO is nice, i love how straightforward it is, not really any mistaking it for something else. Maybe there is a way to take this word or idea and personalize it just a little to make it a tad less generic?

Maybe it is too web2.0, but for example VIMEO is an anagram for MOVIE (they might even put this explanation in their materials). Not saying we should jumble letters around, but what else can we do with this as a base?

What do people think about EtherVisionDAO? It’s the name of the open source UI full node we will be releasing, token ticker could be EVD or just EV.

Hey - so consolidating here. Flux was brought up as an option in our internal slack threads and I wanted to provide this discourse:

ArtFlux or just Flux. It’s interesting there’s no crypto project named like that yet… it’s such a catchy name, fits as a token name as well (edited)


flux is a well known screen brightness monitoring service.

we can’t compete on seo for a software product called flux

i don’t want us to run into the same issue w breaker being a mobile app that is already in market and shows podcasts <- just an example where complications around that name will arise. however, i agree it’s an awesome name.

This is now me opening up to the community for feedback.

Everyone should check out the new call video…we have a long talk about the rename.

We might just want to keep it as snglsDAO.

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US Trademark Guidelines

With regard to trademark significance, matter may be categorized along a continuum, ranging from marks that are highly distinctive to matter that is a generic name for the goods or services. The degree of distinctiveness – or, on the other hand, descriptiveness – of a designation can be determined only by considering it in relation to the specific goods or services. At one extreme are marks that, when used in relation to the goods or services, are completely arbitrary or fanciful. Next on the continuum are suggestive marks, followed by merely descriptive matter. Finally, generic terms for the goods or services are at the opposite end of the continuum from arbitrary or fanciful marks.

Fanciful, arbitrary, and suggestive marks, often referred to as “inherently distinctive” marks, are registrable on the Principal Register without proof of acquired distinctiveness. Placement on the Principal Register gives you a presumption throughout the United States that you are the owner of the mark, which makes it very difficult for anyone to challenge the mark in court. This is essentially the gold standard of trademark protection. And since the US is the largest economy in the world, businesses around the world search the Principal Register before selecting names and will generally stay away from anything with Principal Register protection. Examples include made-up words like Pepsi, Kodak and Exxon or words not commonly associated with the product or service, like Apple Computer, Nautilus Fitness or Old Crow Whiskey.

Marks that are merely descriptive of the goods or services generally cannot be registered on the Principal Register but may be registrable on the Supplemental Register. The Supplemental Register provides some protection but if the mark is challenged in court, you have to prove that in the area in which the suit is filed, people actually know of your company and your product or service and would associate your company with the product or service. Companies around the world will still search the Supplemental Register, though, and there’s a good chance they’ll stay away from anything that appears there, too – if only for concern about the lawsuits that might ensue if they come too close to a mark on the Supplemental Registry. But if a company has been using the mark (or a similar mark) for a while and it has achieved some regional or industry-specific significance, it might decide the risk is worth it. Examples of marks found merely descriptive and placed on the Supplemental Register include Dial-A-Mattress, Bed & Breakfast Registry and the use of the term “Apple Pie” to describe potpourri. Notably, though, marks placed on the Supplemental Registry can be moved up to the Principal Registry if they become sufficiently distinctive – Chipotle Mexican Grill is one example that started on the Supplemental and later ascended to the Principal.

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I vote for sticking with the name, logo and everything. There was effort put into this and slowly the gears are grinding, why change something that works. Switching to something new will just bring more confusion. It’s already pretty confusing with Breaker being a separate entity and having it’s own thing even though it’s still part of the ecosystem. It’s better to be consistent so the community will have an easier time figuring out the system and have a clearer vision on things. It will also give marketing an easier job of promoting everything. If there’s a need for a new token for governance purposes it should align with what we currently have, so call it SNGLS shards, SNGLS dust, SNGLS gas, SNGLS bits, etc

It has sens to keep existing name to avoid misunderstanding with new one.

yeah i’m back with snglsDAO or even sdtvDAO. If the DAO is still using SNGLS as payment for the protocol, there is no reason to divorce to brands. If SDTV was rebranding as a whole it’d make sense, but as others have said renaming is just a waste of effort and resources.

In the end the marketing for the DAO is for educated users and companies looking to build on the protocol… in this sense it’s not really a front facing brand, we don’t need to worry about it being super trendy, or psychological or w/e to catch peoples attention. The most important thing is that what ever the name is it becomes known as the go-to for efficient distribution.

Just to clue everyone in on what everyone is talking about, you need to watch the most recent call:

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Happy to hear the support for keeping the name!