Proposition to remove transaction fees if you hold SNGLS

I would love for this entire thing, including the money to handed over to the Tokenholders to manage.

We are currently building the smart contract so the DAO can vote on the ammount of SNGLS you will need to have staked so your wallet won’t have to pay the transaction fee. I think of this as a WEB3 membership fee. Cool way get people to use everything no?

Transaction fee means percent taken by Snglsdao of each rent/purchase operation at breaker portal?

This will be a protocol layer mechanism, so any portal that uses the protocol this will apply. A new membership model.

Yes you are correct in what it means though.

Thats sounds good for end user.
My point is to target customers into groups to provide value according their needs/purposes.
Like that:

  1. Content users (zero transaction fee etc)
  2. Investors/validators (validators fee etc)
  3. Hodlers (time price grows etc)