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A few rambling thoughts which could be apart of the discussion:
I’d like to hear thoughts about Building a DAO community… aims for communication and social interaction to harness and nurture the community. Besides building a forum, how can we incentivize users to get involved along the way, and not just wait until the platform is built. When does SNGLS DAO actually begin acting like a DAO, where proposals are put to vote through tokens?

We have brought on a marketing director for our Crypto efforts in Europe/America+ and have our Asia marketing team hard at work bringing in more people. Incentivizing users is something that is not easy, we will be bountying out work though which might help. If you have any ideas I’m all ears. The SNGLS DAO will work like a DAO fully in about two years (that includes Content Mining which is the hardest part), but there will be minor things people can do like voting on the listing fee probably in the first half of 2020. I don’t have a roadmap in concrete for you just yet.

Related to this, i think there are unanswered questions about the nature of validators as curators. The assumption that the artistic tastes of token holders match anything close to what users would like to, or pay to see/listen to. What are the different options being looked at to solve curation by whale problems?

We are choosing not to call them curators for a reason. The curation happens at the UI level not the protocol level and what I mean by that is that the UI doesn’t have to list all the content that is on the protocol. Personally I think most stuff will get onto the protocol as there is incentive to vote stuff on there.

There is lots of talk in the whitepaper about web3.0 and web2.0 the interfaces and the DAO structure, but there is very little to nothing about the backend of the distribution platform. Are films and music just going to be hosted by the developer “participants” or is there a decentralized hosting solution that is being adopted?

We will have a more in depth yellow paper that explains the P2P backend. We are looking at ways to incentive the P2P backend also.

thanks for the response. As for DAO participation, having a way to mine sngls through discussion could be a way to boost participation before the DAO is actually implemented. This itself is maybe not an easy problem, but there are probably some simpler ways to do it even if they aren’t perfect. Obviously you don’t want to encourage spam.

The main impulse behind this idea is finding ways passionate people can earn stake in the DAO rather than it be a buy in only solution. Bounties are good, this should include bounties for participation as well.

Some communities do this through tipping their token to contributors, while this isn’t very democratic or DAO like, it could be a solution until something a bit more organic can be built.

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We have something in the works.

I would like to tell it now, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. It will involve the open source UI that we are going to release.

The OS UI will be a stripped down version of the BREAKER DApp that won’t have any of the traditional banking system connected to it (ie Credit Card payments) and will only involve Crypto payments. Right now it’s called EtherVision internally. It will function as a node on the protocol.

We are going to bounty out the work on Gitcoin using SNGLS as reward.