Sngls 2.0 new features

Hello. What are main new features of sngls 2.0? What about listing sngls 2.0 on new exchanges, like bittrex, coinbase? Is it still actual?

Major new features will be voting rights in the DAO and control of the treasury through that. Also will be able to set the listing and transaction fee. In the future will set the staking fee for content mining.

In addition, there will be a set mount that if you have it staked in the DAO you won’t have to pay the transaction fee for using the protocol…kind of like a network membership service using the blockchain.

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Thanks Danny for answer.
Transaction fee meaning payment for rent or purchase content on breaker?

No new info concerning token swap date?

Yea I was gonna give an update on the next call but I’ll let it out here.

The contracts have been signed for development and we are now in production. The timeline is gonna be shifted out to the end of q2 (big website update coming) and it won’t be a swap anymore but rather a fork. So if you hold SNGLS in a wallet they will just automatically appear, SNGLS 1.0 will live on and hopefully he activated one day when legislation catches up. The fork and the DAO will launch at the same time now and management has asked that we give a long enough window (>3 months) to build up community involvement for this as it we want a lot of people to know and have SNGLS to receive the DAO token for decentralized governance reasons.

Thank you for wide answer Denny. So, sngls owners after the fork will automatically get new token? But sngls will live on and trades on all existing exchange? But content mining voting rights etc etc will be realized on fork?
Ps. Binance will support fork?

Yea, it will live on as it is right now.

Voting in the DAO and content mining stuff will fall on the new token. SNGLS will still be used for staking in the DAO to pay the membership fee though, the protocol will still be called SNGLS Media Distribution Protocol because of that.

You will probably have to remove your SNGLS from Binance to receive the fork token…but that could change.

Thanks Denny for quick answer. Is it planning new token to be listed/traded on exchanges?

It will be listed and traded yes

Denny some comments to call 22??

What do you mean? Is there something you would like to talk about that we covered on the call?

Yes, not definitely cleared what decided with token swap

Or better say airdrop