SNGLS Wallets That Support Airdrop?

I have SNGLS in ERC20 token. Do they have to be swapped? If so how? Where do they need to be to get the airdrop?

What wallets currently support the new token?


No…you just have to hold them in a private wallet where you control the keys. The DAO governance token will just be airdropped to it.

Where do I get the wallet? And how do I swap the ERC20 tokens for the new token?

huh…I just explained you don’t need to do anything as long as you have the SNGLS in a wallet where you control the private keys the new tokens will be airdropped to it and because you have access to the private keys you will be able to use them.

I would recommend using Meta Mask. You will be able to log into the DAO using it also.