Hey all,

With the DAO launch fast approaching I would like to extend this forum thread and allow you to ask any questions you might have. I have a fear that there will be a lot of questions and I won’t be able to repeat answers all the time.

We will start off with this one:

Is any of the SNGLS ICO ETH thats left going into the treasury for SNGLS DAO?

no, only SNGLS will be first allocated into the treasury. The treasury will accrue SNGLS, SGT, USDC, DAI, and ETH from the protocol use though…as those will be the tokens used for payment of content. In the future the DAO can add others. This is also just V.1 of the DAO. It’s going to be a testing ground for the ideas and also the security of the code (we are getting an audit done so no one worry that much). What we learn from this DAO and the operations will inform us how we are going to implement it into the full node of EtherVision.

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Will there be some sort of technical documentation on how to build on top of the protocol? Maybe some small code snippets/examples that show how to interact with the protocol should you want to build on top of it.

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Yea, the only way to build an open source community is to have full documentation of the software. Building on top of the protocol requires the release of EtherVision.

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