The True Spirit of the DAO

Breaker team led by Zach and Kim have a lot of work to do. Personally, my impression is that they are very nice people. However, my biggest criticism to not just the current Breaker team is to avoid staying in a Bubble. This is why the efforts being made to create a DAO is quite extraordinary. However, this is going to require a lot of work. Following things needs to happen immediately if we are to turn things around.

  1. $$$$$$$$$, the current Burn rate of the Breaker team is extremely high for the kind of productivity it has put out. This needs to be kept at the minimum.

  2. Visibility. The true spirit of the DAO is to be able to get things done without having to necessarily trust other people. Kim and Zach has a lot of work to do in bringing back that Trust. A way to do that is not hide anything in the books. Be transparent about expenses. Not saying we need to know how much you are getting paid, but need to know in general terms how the money is being spent and where it’s being spent.


I think with point 1, you are stating the obvious. It’s the foundational tenet of all economic endeavors. I don’t agree as much with point 2, or at least I’m failing to see how that would bring back trust. I agree, however, - or at least I perceive it that way - that there is very little trust left in this project by the crypto community. All the distributors the Breaker team meet at parties and festivals and all the artists that they team up with in consequence don’t count in my view, or at least in this context.

First and foremost, building trust and building a community takes time and a lot of steps with little or no mistakes in between that would hurt that trust.

You need to:

  • Keep your word. Walk the talk.
  • Communicate effectively. Openly, timely, truthfully.
  • Give the impression that you value your followers. Show respect. Treat them as adults that understand difficult circumstances.
  • Show at least a minimum of predictability.
  • Be honest and admit mistakes.
  • Be realistic. (“Better than Netflix/Spotify/…”)

It will be very very hard to win back the community. Probably going to happen only if heavily incentivized and then consolidated by the above.

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Guys, keep in mind that Breaker is just one app of the system, where content is uploaded and consumed. As they state in the whitepaper, the SNGLS DAO will be a self-sustaining mechanism with different user roles, apps and services to be built on top of the existing protocol.
My point is, when talking about the “True Spirit of the DAO” it’s kind of irrelevant to criticise Breaker’s team pre-DAO operation, “visibility” or “burn rate” (how do you even measure that and figure it’s too high or low?), or even comparing it with other entertainment industry companies. It’s something entirely different, because of the decentralized nature of the SNGLS DAO and it’s governance system - treasury control, content proposal and validation, media distribution settings, and so on.
Back in the day, a key aspect of SingularDTV’s mission was to “empower artists”. With the update to SNGLS DAO, it brings power to the people as well.

That is it’s potential. Not yet in place. The hard part is getting people to join.

But I think you are right in theory. To me it looks like the underlying point of “gurus pain” (cool name for a deathmetal band) is that the direction they are taking is right, but even if you do all the correct steps, if nobody trusts you, nothing matters. You are building all these cool features, but if no one onboards it’s all of no use. As a matter of fact, look at the amount of discussion the current WP generated. Very little. And that’s not because the Sngls DAO is bad, it’s because no one is trusting this project anymore. Or they haven’t heard of it. Or there is not enough incentive to join the party. And that applies to Breaker, SingularDTV and the SNGLS DAO in equal measure.


He basically nailed it…the joker agrees :black_joker::black_joker::black_joker:

I would agree, we have a long way to go to rebuild the community. Of course if the DAO in the future doesn’t live up to the rust, the community will be able to fork everything and start over again.

It’s essential for the trust to exist, we can’t hold all the cards.

I hope SNGLS will aim to be transparent about SNGLS distribution and demographics. Meaning that snglsDAO should strive to understand it self in order to have a more clear and unified set of goals.
I think SNGLS would do better to actively widen it’s token distribution and look to successful business co-ops so as not to reinvent the wheel.

How do we counter-act the tragedy of the commons? For now it seems that snglsDAO is being managed by Breaker and the commons are sparse (basically just this forum and github so far).

Down the line on the larger platform politics and legal topics are a very important part of the picture. sngls being a self censoring platform how is that defined, who is defining it? You say “snglsDAO” decides through special crypto voting process, but in the end that could be a majority created by 4 people if they are whales as with most “dao’s” right now. But even outside of the mechanics of the system, a culture of voting is essential to any vote based system. For example DNT released memefactory, a TCR, this past spring, I participated in testing the vote mechanics on live net, but there was no clear stance or communication at all among those participating on how copyright came into play. I know, it’s MEME’s how the hell do you deal with copyright with that, but people were literally posting shit they didn’t even make… So in this situation now as a platform you are enabling others to make money off of other’s work, and possibly participating in the case of platform fees.

Maybe this example doesn’t translate to the exact situation of snglsDAO ( although i think it does) but the point is that sngls as a platform will work better if we make sure to define and trend towards unity on how the platform should function.