Tokenomics Design

What is Tokenomics?

It’s a process by which every single participant in the Breaker Economy is incentivized.

How do we do that?
We need to create incentivization model based on Game Theory. Model out how different behaviors of the economy affect trade and behaviour

A while ago I wrote a paper for Breaker DAO that considers these various facets of Game Theory, if this forum allows it, I could have shared it for ya all to look into it.

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Guru…pls post it.

Have you not read the whitepaper?

From the link


The native token of the ecosystem will be SNGLS. The SNGLS token will be used in the DAO for voting rights to approve or deny proposals for upgrading the platform, amount for listing/upload fees, and Treasury control. SNGLS will also be stakeable in the Content Mining operation which will decide what gets listed on the protocol and what doesn’t.

In our system we have five participants with different incentives for the mechanism to achieve equilibrium (in no particular order):

  1. Users: the people who buy and view content
  2. Content Creators: the people who add new entries to the system
  3. Validators: Entities that vote on content being added or not to the system
  4. Developers: The plumbers who keep the platform running
  5. Third Party Service Providers: Companies that derive their income from the platform by providing a service to the Content Creators

We took a lot of inspiration from the Bitcoin community and how the different players of User, merchants, miners, Developers, and exchanges all come together under one incentive game to keep the system running.

The incentives play the participants off each other by making them want the system to be the best:

  1. New content has to be validated into the system (very much how new transactions have to be mined onto the blockchain in Bitcoin or Ethereum).
  2. Validators stake a minimum number of SNGLS, the more SNGLS they stake the higher their vote is in determining what gets validated onto the platform. They are rewarded for their work and penalized for their mistakes.
  3. Developers can get Grants through the DAO.
  4. Third party services can provide paid services to the Content Creators.