Tokenomics Theory and White Paper Proposal for SNGLS 2.0

I can’t believe I created this 21page document for free for Breaker! I don’t know what I was thinking. I put so much love and care into these ideas and framework. Unfortunately nothing came out of it. Hopefully some of you might get inspired and create something that makes sense. Still have hope I guess. LOL :slight_smile:

Tokenomics = Token Economics = GameNomics
Economics = Activities of various players
Players = various participants in the ecosystem who work for their own self interest
Self interest = People tend to look out for themselves more than others but in so doing they tend to enable things for other people that tends to benefit each each other

Someone please code this in the SNGLS DAO.



That’s amazing man. Well done!

Dude upload the rest!

Soon in time wasm CSS positioning

You should add some comments about existing model of tokenomiks, why it should be changed, things to be improved etc etc

Thanks man. Gonna go through these again.

@Guru can you also upload the bootstrap model? We are looking at incentive games for UI’s and I think it would be incredibly helpful.

Done! This bootstrapping idea was quite preliminary. It was assuming that we were going to have a BRKR token.

I was actually quite proud of the idea for math of tokenomics ( very simple Algebra), tokenomics that deals with incentivizing promotional activities and the network marketing model. When do we see this in Action? This is like going back to the basics.

Honestly! If we could adopt some of the tokenomics where the value has to flow into the tokens. Then we’d create something extraordinary. Remember! people everywhere are always looking for that opportunity to create/capture Value! Value is where it is at. No one wants to waste time not gaining anything. That’s all incentivization is.That’s it. Simple. We just have to be smart about it. The slides above are some of my ideas. I’m sure you guys have additional.

From slides above i see only one value for end users from breaker token- 20% discount on content purchase?? Also we should input mechanism of time price grows that will add value for token hodlers

Lots of opportunities. Play it the way that makes most sense. At least there should be discussions. Where is Zach these days? Is he basically done with this project? He is still living off our ETH isn’t he?