Unofficial Exchange listing thread

Many people on discord have been asking “wen binance”, or have a general concern for exchange listings.

Just wanted to make a thread to discuss those things.

So far here are the exchange listings that I know of as of 2020-07-23T04:00:00Z

SNGLS - singularDTV ( )
Uniswap (v2) - link

SGT - snglsDAO Governance Token (
Uniswap (v2) - link

SNGJ - Singular J (


i like uniswap. all that remains is for the exchanges to have a better price impact.

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Uniswap and other DEX interfaces will be best for supporting decentralization. Also many projects like MKR kept the token purposely hard to get so that the governance token wasn’t flooded with speculators who have no idea what to actually do with it.

I would support getting on platforms like IDEX, Loopring, Bancor, ZRX platforms, KNC, AIrswap, etc. It’s important not to spread out liquidity too much. I think since anyone using the DAO right now is going to have to use ETH to interact, it totally makes sense that it is only really available on ETH Dex’s right now. As the project matures it will make sense to bring to larger exchanges.


Thanks for taking the initiative on starting this conversation.

I personally think you are right and that we should stick to DEX’s as getting on centralized exchanges is gonna take a lot of legal work and they hold a huge ransom just to get listed. They are geolocked so if you want to access the world you need to list on multiple different ones. All this adds to more capital being spent.

I think if we focused on two DEXs and increased the liquidity pools this would facilitate the needs of the global community without having to jump through a million different hoops. Also we can increase the liquidity pool without having to pay the centralized exchanges and that capital can be added to the liquidity pools.

My two DEXs I would want are:

  • Uniswap

  • Kyber

They seem to be getting the most traction out of the space.

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It’s my opinion that Dex’s will flip Cex’s this year so being on Uniswap and Kyber should be sufficient. Any listing fees we have to pay should go towards product. I understand the community wants immediate liquidity but until we have Ethervision and utility we are just paying for volume and there are better places to put money but I understand the community’s position.

IF WE TRY TO GET LISTED ON A CEX - I think Binance and Bittrix with the incoming Dex liquidity would be huge and everyone wins. That’s if we pay no money in listing fees. Money should be going towards Ethervision. We are trying to build real tech and a project not a pump and dump scheme and paying listing fees for liquidity when that money could go towards utility seems short sighted. The money isn’t going in my pocket either way so I’m giving the most honest answer I can to the community.

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Something like IDEX as a hybrid would be nice because its non-costodial but then matches off chain i believe. This brings in many of the tools you might find in a traditional exchange. Maybe KNC is starting to have more of those features? it’s been a while since i’ve used it.

There is also little work like getting a chart on TradingView, which maybe only happens through being supported on certain exchanges? Probably too early to chase peripheral sites like that, but can also help with volume if more traders know about it.

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I find it great uniswap and kyber. increasing its liquidity must work wonderfully.

I believe listing on Centralised exchanges will not make SGT a centralised token, It is with decentralised fundamentals, Uniswap and Kyber is fine but with the time, we also need some exchanges so that more people join the movement.

I assume, you are already in talks with some exchanges. If SGT get the investor crowd then more people participate, More the people, more difficult to get reputation. Right now, anyone can manipulate the DAO reputation.

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It doesn’t centralize the token, but it centralizes the legal entity of the snglsDAO Foundation and we will not bend our mission for this. The goal of the foundation is to disappear in the long run and anything that centralizes us we will not do, it goes agains the charter and mission. We will decentralize or die…simple as that.

Not really. There are super powerful entities that could take control now if they wanted.

Any moves that centralize the project actually run afoul of the foundation charter and mission statement. If you don’t like that you need to understand our mission, which has been posted on our website from day 1. We are going to decentralize or die…simple as that. If you don’t like it find some place else to spend your time because we aren’t going to change our mission.

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Keep an eye on Loopring, it doesn’t have a lot of liquidity right at this moment, but i’ve been using their DEX some over the last few days, and its quite impressive. If their liquidity rises as people look for alternatives to l1, it could be a great exchange to be on. ZKrollups are one of the best l2 solutions imo and they were able to make a very fast non-costodial totally on chain exchange.

Obviously this is just from my own observations, i was talking about IDEX before, but last time I used it it was one of the top DEXes, now it’s obvious they took a route that has been out paced (I take it back suggesting IDEX).

Well, I don’t know what some people have in mind, if Exchanges like binance hinder the project then they should remove sngls from there, you can be sure that if they do that, this project dies. An airdrop created exclusively for a pump dump, the team sold almost all of their sngls tokens, they could just use some of the money and pay a listing, nobody buys sgt in uniswap or hotbit. snglsdao is fully centralized, who owns the most tokens? the team, they have the most voting power, list in binance, sell a lot of tokens and decentralize that, this idea of ​​content mining will fail